Nadležnosti i ovlaštenja

Under the Law the Commission is delegated the authorities and powers to:
- pass regulations on the Republika Srpska securities market operation;
- prescribe the conditions, issuing method and trading of securities distributed through the public offer,
- issue licenses and permits for the establishment of investment funds and investment fund management companies and other authorized participants in the securities market as well as supervise their operations,
- monitor compliance with rules for ordinary trading and fair competition in securities trade;
- organize, undertake and supervise measures for ensuring the efficient functioning of the securities market and the protection of investors' interests;
- prescribe elements of mandatory disclosure to investors and the public on the operations of issuers and other securities market participants and supervise the application thereto;
- suspend the issuance and trade of particular securities and undertake other activities in the case of manipulation during trade, or when it estimates that certain activities are endangering interests of investors and the public, or they are not in accordance with the Law or other regulations;
- monitor and assess the situation and securities market trends;
- implement the previous activities if provisions and regulations of the Law have been violated, pronounce fines for violations and undertake other measures for which the Commission is authorized;
- provide information on the activities of the securities market and disseminate such information;
- cooperate with cognate international organizations.

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